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San Michele Home Admissions criteria :

Target Group: Patients 18 years to 55 years

       1. Admission criteria:

         Severe/Profound Intellectual and Physical Disability
         Must have a valid South African Identity Document.
         Must be receiving a Disability/Pension Grant.

       2. Exclusions:

        a. Patients with a Psychiatric Disorder viz Bipolar Mood Disorder, and those that are not stable and are unwilling to be admitted as an “Assisted                User” under the MHCA and Patients with Psychiatric illness and comply with treatment and rehabilitation process.
        b. Patients diagnosed with Intellectual Disability or Chronic Schizophrenia with no family but can function in a structured environment.
        c. Patients with severe aggressive behavior who are at risk to others and self.
        d. Patients who abuse drugs and alcohol, they are sent to a Rehabilitation Centre.
        e. Patients diagnosed with Autism; they have a specialized Institution (School)
         f. Patient diagnosed with A.D.H.D (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)
        g. Patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and Dimentia.
        h. Patients that needs frail care.