San Michele is constantly in the process of planning and executing new projects to improve facilities.

Projects we need sponsors for are:

The following projects are on the 2022 finacial year budget:

  1. Sleeping Quarters
    Build new sleeping quarters for additional residents. SMH needs to accommodate 30 (thirty) more residents in line with expanding SMH’s service delivery obligations. We need capital funding to enable the revamping and expanding of the available facilities.
  2. Smoke Detector System
    This is required by the Health & Safety Department and will cost approximately R335 000.00 to install.
  3. Renovation of bathrooms
    SMH have 18 Wards equipped with 22 bathrooms. Due to the current facility being in operation for more than 25 years and due to ongoing wear-and-tear, it became imperative to renovate the bathrooms.
  4. Vehicle replacement
    4.1 Bakkie (LDV – 1Ton)
    The current Ford bakkie, a 1982 model, and with > 500 000 km on the clock, reached the age where it became too costly to repair. Investment in a new vehicle has become crucial.
    4.2 Toyota Yaris
    This vehicle is used to transport patients to and from hospitals and clinics. It is also used to collect medicine and transport both people and documents to and from the District Offices of the
    Department of Mental Health in Germiston. In both cases of the vehicles mentioned above need not to be new vehicles, but good quality second-hand vehicles will also be in order.
  5. Visiting room
    A visiting room is planned to accommodate parents and family visiting residents. Cost not determined. An existing structure can be converted into a visiting facility.
  6. Kitchen equipment
    The Kitchen staff make use of a ‘Tilting Fry Pan’ to cook meat and stews for the 200+ residents. The current Tilting Fry Pan had been repaired a few times and reached the point of replacement. Replacement cost amounts to approximately R70 000.00 (Seventy thousand rand only).
  7. Swimming Pool
    The approximate amount of R67 000.00 (Sixty-seven thousand Rand only) is required to repair the swimming pool. The pool floor cracked in three places causing all the water to drain, leaving the pool empty. The repair of the floor requires construction work. It was decided to use this opportunity to alter the depth of the pool. This will be making it more practical for the disabled residents to
    use the whole pool area. Water exercises form part of the resident’s stimulation programme. The shallower pool will provide for better utilization of the pool and make the pool more accessible to
    residents. The shallower pool will make it safer for both the residents and supervising staff.
    A pool heating system is in place and in good working order to warm the pool water – therefore residents are not discomforted by cold water when doing water exercises.
  8. Vital signs monitor
    San Michele is in need of a vital signs monitor mounted on wheels. The approximate cost of the monitor is R39 120.00 (Thirty nine thousand one hundred and twenty Rand Only)..
  9. Couches
    Shortage of couches in the 18 wards: 10 x R3000.00 = R30 000.00
  10. Marketing Equipment
    The following is essential for presentations and training and
    would really benefit San Michele Home:
    10.1 Projector & Projector Screen
    10.2 Camera
    10.3 Laptop
    10.4 Teleprompter
  11. Sport Equipment:
    11.1 Track Suits : 30 (15 x male + 15 x female)
    11.2 T-shirts : 50 (25 x male + 25 x female)
    11.3 Other Sports Gear : Nets for the Foot Ball field
    11.4 Hockey Sticks : 20
  12. Shoes
    Residents continuously need new linen, clothing, and shoes
  13. Washing Machines
  14. Tumble dryers